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Business Battlecard: Brevity is the Soul of Strategy


When we started out advising companies, we met an energetic and enthusiastic CEO of a growing company who was trying to put a strategy in place to drive his company forward. However, after acquiring top business and strategy books and devising numerous business plans, he struggled to explain his strategy to the management team.

From now on,” he said, “I want a strategy that you can see on one page. If you can’t get it down on one page, it’s no good to me.” This made a huge impression on us. We realised that brevity is not just the soul of wit but also the soul of strategy.


Feedback - seeking it out


I seem to be having a lot of conversations about feedback recently. I’ve been struck by how many people work in a feedback vacuum. Despite a growing ‘feedback’ culture, for many, the only real feedback they get is at their annual performance review. For others, particularly leaders in a business, they don’t even get this.