Select Selling

The Select Selling Sales Fieldbook, which was published in 2006 (Oak Tree Press), focuses on strategies to win customers by defining the ultimate target profile and discovering what they really want.

There are few distinct viewpoints that are as polarised as sales and marketing. The uneasy relationship is widespread and particularly prevalent in companies that sell high value solutions to large corporations. The Select Selling Fieldbook is based on interviews with both sales and marketing professionals. Whilst both have different perspectives, both agree on one thing – ‘value creation’ for the customer is the key to success – no longer is it good enough just to communicate value. Customers want answers to questions like how much just this make or save me?

It's against this background that the Select Selling book was written. Its function is to equip anyone selling high value, complex products to large corporations with a rigorous process, which can be moulded to an individual salesperson’s own style. It combines high-level strategic marketing principles to draw the map, with tactical sales tactics to complete each journey. It provides a repeatable sales process that is pragmatic and usable. It provides sales teams with six proven steps from selecting the right target customer to negotiating and closing more deals.

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