What's getting in the way of growth?

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Some leadership teams are at a crossroads or a bit stuck when it comes to driving growth. Others are frustrated at not hitting targets or face team alignment and capability issues. Business Growth 360 is an ideal starting point to overcome these challenges and takes just 15 minutes to complete with each management team participant completing a confidential leadership team questionnaire online. Email eodonnell@selectstrategies.com for more information.


Preventing Sales hire remorse


Many founders flounder with international sales hiring.  They end up with sales hiring remorse - and the scars to prove it.  A sales hiring mistake results in finger pointing and costs a big six figure sum.  Most founders don't use a disciplined hiring process.  If they did, and stuck to it, their sucess rate would be higher.


The Shadow of the Leader Drives Culture

Shadow of a leader
You’ve heard the phrase ‘a chip off the old block’? Well, the "shadow of the leader" is a similar concept. It describes the phenomenon where leaders, through their likes and dislikes tend to shape culture and behaviour. Coined by Sean Delany the "shadow of a leader" is a helpful metaphor. …