What's getting in the way of growth?

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Some leadership teams are at a crossroads or a bit stuck when it comes to driving growth. Others are frustrated at not hitting targets or face team alignment and capability issues. Business Growth 360 is an ideal starting point to overcome these challenges and takes just 15 minutes to complete with each management team participant completing a confidential leadership team questionnaire online. 


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The Growth Transformer's Roadmap

The Growth Transformer's Roadmap outlines the five steps for companies striving to transform their business.

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Lack of Growth - Getting to the root cause


It's that time of year again and leadership teams are questioning their growth plans.  They look back at some of their planning assumptions: sales projections, product releases and new hires.

Whilst the CEO is on the hook for growth projections - too many managers at too many companies believe that growth numbers are imaginary, simple increments over last year's numbers.  So little attention is paid to them.  It's like having a plant in the corner of your office that dies every year - well wishers throw it occasional sorry glances or some water - but predictably it does not grow or thrive.



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Every management team has its own dynamics. Some operate in a fully transparent environment, other keep information strictly on a "need to know basis." But what impact does the sharing of information have?

We're frequently surprised by how little financial information some management teams are privy to. The CEO reckons they don't need to know and the CFO reckons they wouldn't understand the information even if they had it.

But how can you ask a management team to drive growth and profitability in a business if they don't understand the numbers?