What's getting in the way of growth?

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Some leadership teams are at a crossroads or a bit stuck when it comes to driving growth. Others are frustrated at not hitting targets or face team alignment and capability issues. Business Growth 360 is an ideal starting point to overcome these challenges and takes just 15 minutes to complete with each management team participant completing a confidential leadership team questionnaire online. Email eodonnell@selectstrategies.com for more information.


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The Growth Transformer's Roadmap

The Growth Transformer's Roadmap outlines the five steps for companies striving to transform their business.

This ebook will help you determine WHAT needs to be done and HOW growth transformation can be achieved in your business.

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Focus on the critical few....rather than the trivial many

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Too many growth companies are overwhelmed by lengthy plans and the distraction of the trivial many. Their CEOs find themselves drowning in detail, solving the crise du jour but unable to focus on those few things that would make growth happen. Cast as heroes, they play brilliantly, but dismally fail the audition from actor to director.

Great CEOs identify and pursue the 'critical few'. They make hard choices, adopt an unreasonable stubbornness and ensure each team member is clear and accountable. They leave no fudge room.


Why Sharing More With Your Team Could Have Surprising Results

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Every management team has its own dynamics. Some operate in a fully transparent environment, other keep information strictly on a "need to know basis." But what impact does the sharing of information have? We're frequently surprised by how little financial information some management teams are …