Privacy Statement

Policy brief and purpose

This policy covers how Select Strategies Ltd will use personal information that is collected when you use the Select Strategies website. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites. Any external links to other websites are clearly identifiable as such.

General Statement

Select Strategies fully respects your right to privacy and will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your clear permission. Any personal information which you volunteer will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, strictly in accordance with the Irish Data Protection Act (1988), and the Irish Data Protection (Amendment) Act (2003) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.


This policy applies to Select Strategies Ltd, our company.

Collection of personal information

Personal information for the purposes of this document is information that can identify an individual such as name, address, contact details. The Select Strategies website does not collect or store any personal information about you on this website, apart from information which you volunteer (e.g. by emailing us, subscribing or by using our online feedback form).

Use of personal information

Any information that is collected by Select Strategies from this website will only be used for monitoring purposes unless you have given us consent for your information to be used (e.g. by emailing us, subscribing or by using our online feedback form). Any information which you provide in this way is not made available to any third parties or used for any additional purposes, such as to profile those who access our website and is used only in line with the purpose for which you provide it. Your personal data may also be anonymised and used for statistical purposes. We may, from time to time, send you relevant information about Select Strategies and our work, although there will be an option for you to opt out (unsubscribe) at any stage.

We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, is in accordance with and complies with the requirements of the relevant Irish legislation, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, the Irish Data Protection Act (1988), and the Irish Data Protection (Amendment) Act (2003). The data controller is Select Strategies. If you have any queries, please contact us at

Data retention and storage

We only retain the Personal Data collected from a user for as long as the user engages with our marketing campaign or is engaged in work with us or until a reasonable period of time has elapsed. We will retain and use the information in accordance with the details outlined in our Data Protection Policy.

Collection and use of technical information

When you visit the Select Strategies website, a small text file called a 'cookie', is downloaded onto your computer.  This cookie is not used to identify you personally in any way.  We will use this cookie to collect aggregated website statistics that allow us to understand how visitors use the site. All the information collected will be anonymous and only used to help us improve the website and report to funders on usage. More information on our use of cookies can be found in our Cookie Policy.

Your rights

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 has enhanced your rights over how your personal data is held, processed, and stored, and Select Strategies is committed to upholding and meeting these. They include the requirements that data be:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes
  • Adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary
  • Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date
  • Retained only for as long as necessary
  • Processed in an appropriate manner to maintain security.

Access to information

Any formal, written request by a Data Subject for a copy of their personal data (a Data Subject Access Request) will be referred, as soon as possible, to the Data Protection Officer, and will be processed as soon as possible but within one month from receipt of the request. As per best practice, Select Strategies will endeavour to keep Data Subjects regularly updated on the progress of their request and advise them in a timely manner of any potential delays or requests for clarification or proof of identity.

Written requests of this nature should be furnished to and marked for the attention of the Data Protection Officer.

It is intended that by complying with these guidelines, Select Strategies will adhere to best practice regarding the applicable Data Protection legislation.

Changes to our privacy policy

Any changes made to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page. The information on this page was last updated on 17th May 2023.


This policy will be reviewed at least annually by our Data Protection Officer to ensure alignment to appropriate risk management requirements and its continued relevance to current and planned operations, or legal developments and legislative obligations.

Glossary of technical terms used

  • web browser - The piece of software you use to read web pages e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera
  • IP address - The identifying details for your computer (or your internet company's computer), expressed in "internet protocol" code (for example Every computer connected to the web has a unique IP address, although the address may not be the same every time a connection is made
  • cookies - Small pieces of information, stored in simple text files, placed on your computer by a website. Cookies can be read by the website on your subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the webpage, or a unique identification number so that the website can "remember" you on your return visit. Generally, cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have furnished such information to the website.