The Business Battlecard

The Business Battlecard was published in 2009 (Oak Tree Press) and is based entirely on growing companies. Through working with over 250 growing companies in the US and Europe, we have identified the factors which accelerate and inhibit growth. Our insights are based on the workshops we have conducted, one-to-one consulting engagements, and on validation from world-class CEOs and members of the venture community.

Our aim is to keep strategy creation simple and strong. Of course it also needs to be comprehensive. Because strategy can be daunting, we break it down, just as large-scale wars are broken down into battles and skirmishes.

So what are the 'battles' in business strategy? We centre our approach on five key questions - the 'battlegrounds' on which companies wage war:

  • What do you want to be famous for?
  • Who are your selected customers?
  • Where is your measurable value?
  • Why should customers choose you rather than the competition?
  • How will you get your product to market?

Using these five simple, but crucial steps, The Business Battlecard helps you craft a winning strategy to grow your company.

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