The Growth Roadmap

The Growth Roadmap® is a robust, five step methodology that helps ambitious leadership teams clarify ambition, devise clear strategies and executable plans. It unlocks growth potential, identifies new opportunities and typically delivers between 20% and 50% sustained revenue growth.

roadmap overview diagram w icons

The Growth Roadmap's five steps deliver business impact, as follows:

  1. A clear and objective diagnosis of the growth gap and its root cause
  2. An ambitious 3-year shared vision statement, which clarifies direction, communicates company purpose and identifies shift needed in leadership mindset.
  3. Documented strategy statement(s) on a single page, which describe insights, objectives, market / product scope and competitive advantage.
  4. Accountable owners for three scaling business challenges. That are defined, structured and prioritised with scaling scorecards to ensure implementation.
  5. You and your team present the financial plan to a challenging Board level review and an internal team for final feedback.

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